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BBC report outlines that £30 million of tax payers money is spent on taxi's due to a shortage of non emergency transport.
Obviously patients with serious illness have to be escorted to the hospital, but what other ailments can be better dealt with without the aid of transport.

Pain Management therapies and herbs to aid healing.

As we look at the type of therapies in the NHS to help rehabilitate patients, there seems to be two options prescription pain killers and physio-therapy. Though as we look at the progress in some PCT pain clinics, therapies such as EFT acupuncture & hypnotherapy are slowly being introduced we could curb the expenditure each year on patient after care. If we made a concious decision and said that PCT pain clinics through out the UK were to limit the amount of prescription pain killers handed out and to use the therapies mentioned above we would have a stronger health service, which intern would create more jobs and less dependency on pharmaceutical intervention.

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