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Pict0001At first the idea of babies performing yoga can seem quite unusual and perhaps a little odd. Although it is true babies cannot perform physical postures independently or practice meditation they do naturally possess many yogic attributes that can take adults years to master.

Deep Yogic Breathing (i.e. from the abdomen)
If you watch a baby breathing you will see the whole of the abdomen rising and falling with each in breath and out breath not just the chest, and so enabling air to be brought into the lowest part of the lungs. Most adults in comparison breathe quite shallowly and only use a fraction of their lung capacity. Deep yogic breathing is simple to learn and so effective at calming and relaxing - yet adults have to be taught this while babies do this instinctively.


People are not born slouching. It is something which is learnt as we get older as a result of the environment we interact with. Babies however learn to sit up with beautiful straight backs - just have a look at any baby and you will see that this is the case.

Living in the moment

Lastly, babies only live for the moment as they have no perception of the past or future. They only feel the simple satisfaction of a tummy full of milk or the displeasure at a need for sleep. Contentment is simply found in having their needs for food, sleep and comfort being met. If only achieving contentment was this simple for an adult!

Babies therefore are natural little yogis and mothers, and indeed fathers too, can learn several simple yogic lessons from baby. Firstly to watch and imitate your baby’s breathing pattern, be inspired to lengthen your spine when watching your baby sit, and above all to enjoy every moment you share with baby as you see the wonder of the world revealed a new through their eyes.

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