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Natural nutrition is a type of nutritional therapy which acknowledges that we are all different and have unique dietary needs.

Aims of natural Nutrition :

  • To promote a sense of well being
  • To promote awareness of how the body has arrived at its current state of health.
  • To use dietary and supplementation recommendations, which help to restore balance and well being.
  • To us appropriate naturopathic techniques, which support elimination & detoxification.

Making sense of the current health picture

In order to understand the current state of health a detailed case history is taken which holistically builds a picture of the individual.

The case history process involves gathering information about:

  • The current state of health and well being
  • Lifestyle factors influencing health and diet
  • Health and diet at key stages such as: birth, child hood, adolescence, pregnancy menapause etc
  • Inherited picture; relevant health of parents grandparents siblings etc
  • A typical days diet.

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