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There are literally hundreds of herbs with medicinal properties from the commonplace such as nettle and dandelion to the exotic such as saffron and myrhh. Where possible I tend to use herbs that are native to Europe and North America as I feel they suit our western constitution. Many I gather and grow myself and make many of my own tinctures and oils.

The herbs are combined in formulas or occasionally as simples (single herbs) and they can be prescribed as tinctures (herbs extracted into alcohol, glycerine or vinegar), capsules and teas for internal use or oils, creams and lotions for external use. Although a few standard formulas are used the majority are blended for the individual patient.

In this section a few herbs and there properties are described. There is often much confusing information in the media and hopefully some of this can be made clear. Please contact me if you require further information on a specific herb.

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