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By this BBC report (workplace illness) stress in the workplace must be at its highst level to date and what is the most cost effective and a diplomatic way of dealing with this epedemic. One way of dealing with this problem would be workplace massage a few minutes of untightning muscle knots and tension can be a real benefit.

Though cutting worker stress is a case of changing worker perception and idiology and this can be tackled through homeopathy,breathing relaxation or even counselling. Though when a worker is trapped within a unbalanced mind state that sort of in sight may be unwanted, though with massage this can be a great way of introducing workers to a therapy that everyone is open to. Once the worker has been through this massage process they are more suseptable to classes such as breathing relaxation and NLP. This is where suggestion can be introduced to the workers through guided meditation and breathing relaxation once these suggestions have been planted they can be triggered and that inplanted memory of deep relaxation can recalled through any situation even a stressfull one.

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