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Doctors warn that homeopathy does not work and there is no evidence to support this, though there has been a great deal of examples one of these is the mass vacination of 2.5 million people in cuba preventing Leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira. In humans it causes a wide range of symptoms, and some infected persons may have no symptoms at all. Symptoms of leptospirosis include high fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches, and vomiting, and may include jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, or a rash. If the disease is not treated, the patient could develop kidney damage, meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord), liver failure, and respiratory distress. In rare cases death occurs."
The Cuban's have been doing their best to alleviate the suffering that results from the Leptospirosis epidemic in which over 2,000 people get infected and some of whom die. The numbers of infections have been increasing year on year. Because the cost of producing the allopathic vaccine is very high, Cuba only inoculates a small percentage of the people likely to be infected. That still costs them £2.2 million.
As Cuba gets no help from the US it also has the benefit of not being under the grip of the multi national pharmaceutical companies that would normally not allow such a large scale homeopathic programme to go ahead.

By using a homeopathic prophylaxis the entire population of two of the major areas that get affected by Leptospirosis were inoculated. That amounted to 2.5 million people given two doses at a cost of just £130,000.The results were that "within 2 weeks after Aug 2007, the rising lines literally dropped off the chart to ZERO-Ten infections only! Yes.
Near-zero infections, zero deaths from leptospirosis after Aug 2007.
And in 2008, no deaths, infections less than 10 a month," said an amazed attendee of the conference as the charts were being revealed on the stage.

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