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Most health conditions will respond to a natural health approach. However there are certain conditions that I see regularly that I have developed well trialled protocols around. Amongst these are Menapause symptoms, fibroids, IBS and digestive issues, and psoriasis, high blood presure and hayfever.
Nutriion can have a huge impact on our health both involving things we have to much of and too little. My approach is to return us to our natural diet that the body is desighned for, but at the same time being realistic about peoples daily lives and particularly cutting through the confusing messages we are bombarded with. 
Often the client will be asked to keep a food diary so that a full analysis of the present nutrition pattern can be made.
As a qualified herbalist Richard is trainined to diagnose and help patients with a wide range of conditions both chronic and acute. With his own natural pharmacy he can make herbal remedies tailored to the patients individual needs

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