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Osteopathy - back pain

Osteopathy can help support patients going through spinal problems, from sports people who have jarred their spines through different supporting activities from Jogging to wrestling to swimming. 

BJJ Brazilian Jujitsu practitioners I have noticed tend to have lumbar problems or come to me with  shooting pains in the lumbar and lower back pain area also known as the SI Joint. After consulting with a number of these practitioners they told me that its when they are "pulling Guard" which is lifting their leg above the hip which activates areas such as the lumbar and when turning their bodies with weight against them I find that they tend to have alignment problem from the hip, this can give aggravate lower back pain. 
Other Back pain related inures is normally people over training or not changing the type of exercise pattern they are performing, such as swimming with a float instead of kicking or running up gradient, both exercises if done over long period of time can effect two areas of the spine. 

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