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Clifford Lomas Osteopathy Treatment day Tuesday 27/03/2018. Osteopathic treatment for spinal problems & back pain. Spinal analysis and adjustment for £45 £40 follow ups. I am registered with most insurance companies.


About me 

I have been in full time practice since 1987.

My aim with each patient is to come to a thorough understanding of the patient's problem through a detailed consultation and examination. Osteopaths are known for their well developed palpation skills and this greatly assists reaching an understanding of the cause and location of the patient's disorder. I use a variety of manual techniques to help correct the problem and I discuss with the patient appropriate self help strategies.

Areas of interest

• Back pain • Neck pain • Headache / migraine • Shoulder pain • Muscle disorders • Ankle pain • Foot pain • Knee pain • Gait analysis • Children (7-11 years of age) • Orthopaedics • Fibromyalgia • Hip disorders • Joint disorders

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