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Massage May

Tuesdays and Fridays £30 -30 minutes( neck back and shoulders) and £40 – 60 minutes ( full body).

Post injury sports massage with Annette Wrigley
Massage available 9am – 7pm Tuesday– Friday

Ease Painful symptoms with mmassage

Many people spend years suffering with unnecessary aches, pains and tension following accidents and sports injuries. Back pain, neck ache and migraines are just some of the many symptoms that can relate to previous injuries. These symptoms can encroach on daily life and many find they have to take painkillers on a regular basis.
By taking painkillers people are generally masking the symptoms of an underlying issue and in some cases prolonging the recovery from the injury by not taking appropriate action to rehabilitate.

However there is another way forward and that’s with sports massage and deep tissue therapy, using specific massage techniques such as soft tissue release, friction and trigger point therapy. These techniques can help reduce information, scar tissue and knots that are contained in the muscle tissue. By reducing these it can allow the muscle function to return to a normal range.

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