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Adjustment and Analysis with cliff Lomas

Can this treatment be the one solution to back pain symptoms? No it can't be without the patient changing their habits which power symptoms of back pain.
Poor habits such as posture can be a big problem, from how a patient sits when driving or working from even lifting their food shopping. Some patients seem to use Ostopathy Treatment which can un-knot muscle tightness and adjust areas of the spinal cord which may have slipped out of alignment.

Easing Symptoms of Back Pain

Why not ease the symptoms of back pain through osteopathy treatment and is available at my clinic at Cenacle Treatment Centre.

If you suffer from back pain you are not alone. It is claimed that 4 out of 5 people get back pain at some stage of their lives. Osteopaths are in demand because they are well known as back specialists and many people say that orthodox medicine has little to offer back pain sufferers apart from medication and, in severe cases, surgery.
So, if you are seeking help for your back problem, let me tell you what I can offer should you decide to consult me.

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