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Tapping technique is good for Mental health

A study in 39 cases using the treatment Emotional Freedom Technique, left mental health workers astounded into how successful this therapy was into changing mental health patients perception. Hopefully this therapy can be introduced to help people who suffer from negative energy and outdated belief systems.

Dr Ian Walton, GP and mental health lead for Sandwell and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

"The successful use of EFT demonstrated in this study has not only influenced counsellors and therapists in Sandwell to be trained to use this method of treatment, but also local mental health charities are seeing the value in being trained to use EFT in the work that they do."

"A growing number of studies suggest that EFT may be an effective and safe treatment, and with the predicted sharp increase in the demand for mental health services – and a corresponding decrease in NHS resources - we feel that more EFT studies should now be carried out in other NHS Trusts."

Professor Tony Stewart

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