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Back ache from gardening work?

Over the last two weeks we have attracted a number of weekend gardeners who have  found their horticulture lifestyle has left these gardeners in serious back troubles.

When enquiring about back pain at Cenacle Treatment there are a number of no drug based services we provide that can help reduce these symptoms.
If a patients symptoms are so sensitive that it too painful for intensive physical treatment then I would suggest therapies such as Acupuncture,Hypnotherapy and EFT.

Sports massage Physio & Osteopathy

If its something patients may feel as if a muscle is infringing on a bone it could possible be eased with osteopath. This also could be manipulated back into its skeletal  position. May be this pain increases in severity as a patient starts to exercise or attempting movements that a patient may not be supple enough to perform causing muscle knots tears then sports massage and physiotherapy would be the perfect solution.

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