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Exercise is the key to stop back pain

British Chiropractic association state that moving regularly will side in the prevention of back pain.

How can I exercise and Lose weight if my back keeps twinging

This can start with gentle exercise and good nutritional advice
regular massages to ease saw muscles and to give the muscles a chance to repair correctly without muscle strains or tears. Otherways to prepare the body fr a more grulling gym sesions would be starting a pillates class.

Pillates increase back support by strengthening core muscles

Modified Pilates

Modified Pilates consists of strength, mobility and stabilising exercises with the main focus being to maintain a central core of stability.

Research has shown that specific rehabilitation of certain back and abdominal muscles are key in achieving full recovery after an episode of lower back pain.

All the Modified Pilates exercises are mat-based using slow controlled movements that are pain-free and under the close supervision of a qualified physiotherapist to ensure correct technique to reduce any risk of injury. Modified Pilates is also beneficial for anyone who wants to get back to exercise but is concerned about aggravating an existing injury or pain. There are never more than 12 participants in a class so the physiotherapist can give the required attention to everyone.

The key elements of APPI Pilates method focus on the following areas:
• neutral lower back posture working key lower back stability muscles
• correct ribcage alignment
• shoulder blade stabilisation
• neck muscles and posture
APPI Pilates also includes exercises to improve spinal mobility, flexibility and postural awareness.

What conditions can this help?
• lower back pain
• mid back stiffness
• neck pain and headaches
• knee pain and weakness
• shoulder and arm pain associated with overuse
• postural dysfunctions
• many others
• if you are not sure if this is right for you, please call for a no-obligation free telephone consultation.

Benefits of Modified Pilates include:
• improved posture
• relief from lower back and neck pain
• improved flexibility, strength and co-ordination
• toned muscles – especially in the abdominal region

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