I was visiting Lin on a weekly basis to aid with fertility before our diagnosis. My husband was diagnosed with low morphology and motility, therefore we were told IVF/ICSI was required. After a little persuasion, my husband also decided to visit Lin on a weekly basis. We immediately clicked with Lin and for both of us felt the stress and worry associated with infertility completely disappear over time. I always felt so relaxed and positive after a session.


We started our first round of IVF in March 2014. We were thrilled to find out my husband’s sperm analysis had increased by a third since he started sessions with Lin, and we are absolutely delighted that the outcome was positive and we are now 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby. We cannot thank Lin enough for her expertise and positivity over the past couple of years. She has been our rock through fertility treatment and has made our dreams come true.



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