Prior to meeting Suzannah, I didn't have the first idea about homeopathy - how it worked or what it may be able to do for me.

I have to admit that Iwas a little sceptical about making an appointment with Suzannah to discuss an ongoing medical issue which I have been taking prescribed drugs for 9 years, however following a 90 minute consultation during which Suzzanah took a full medical and personal history I was much more reassurred to embark on a course of treatment.

I'm delighted to say that over the past two weeks I have not taken the medication prescribed by my GP and the symptoms have all but disappeared.

Suzannah is thoroughy professional and rigorous in obtaining a detailed picture of your lifestyle. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to try Homeopathy as the results for me at least have been pronounced.

I think that Suzannah's services should be an easy referral for everyone in our BNI group.

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