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Weight loss and back pain

Back pain from being over weight but working out gives you more back pain?

Loosing weight can be hard but all a person needs is a change in perception, this can be through Hypnosis.

Treatment for people with a metabolic disorder is an effective treatment for weight loss and can help a person lose weight quickly without effecting their health.
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Shake Hands with your Subconscious

Shake Hands with your Subconscious. The reasons why you overeat may not be clear to you, even if it was to walk right up and sit down at the side of you at the dinner table with you. Any motive that is capable of making you operate in a way which causes you long term physical, emotional, social or mental discomfort is a motive which has, most likely been well buried in order to avoid recognition.

The following are some of the most common reasons why someone may overeat:-

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You Eat to Reward or Entertain Yourself. Right from your early days you have been rewarded with food for your accomplishments. As a baby you may get a biscuit for picking up a toy, saying please or thank you, responding to potty training. As a child you get dessert for clearing your plate or eating all of your veg, and so on all the way through adult life.

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You Eat to Lessen or Negate an Unpleasant Experience. Once again this pattern is formed when we are very young. You are teething, feeling miserable so you get a nice tasty teething biscuit. You take a fall and graze your knee so the well meaning adult dries the tears and gives you a biscuit or sweets to take the pain away. As a teenager you don’t get accepted on the course you applied for so you go out and binge with friends

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