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Acupuncture & Herbs for Digestion

If we take a close look at digestive disorders, we might be surprised to discover that even western medicine acknowledges that diet and stress play a large part in the development of digestive conditions and even further that diet and stress management can make a difference in those conditions. Guess we, western and eastern medicine, have something in common after all. Maybe it is time to explore some eastern wisdom.

TCM perspective on wellness

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is about wellness. In order to stay healthy, above all, Qi and Xue need to be abundant.

Qi is the energy of life. To function properly, Qi needs a) flow freely along the body without blockage; b) maintain Yin/Yang balance.

Where does Qi come from? We receive part of it as our inheritance – genes from our parents. The rest is from what we eat, drink and breathe. This is why we see digestion as the primary system for optimal state of health. We are what we eat! This is nothing we can do about the genes. We are lucky if we have good ones; if not, make up with the postnatal part.

What is Xue? Xue is more than just blood, although its direct translation is indeed “blood”. We prefer using Xue her because in TCM theory it involves the function of nutrients and essence as well. Where does Xue come from then? It is Spleen that transforms the food into vital substance (Qi, Xue, essence, etc) and transports them to various parts of the body. Again, it shows the importance of Spleen and Stomach (digestive system in TCM) in our wellness.

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