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Sugar content in food

FDF ( food drink federation) have gone on the offensive by slamming the channel 4 documentary dispatches about hidden sugar content in food and addiction.
The documentary outlines the human addiction to sugar and how the FDF industry manipulate information on packaging to express a health factor when really there is a unreported high sugar level content.

Experts? say that addiction to sugar isn't possible and that there is no correlation between hyper palatable foods and leptin production in the brain. Leptin is an energy calibrator and experts say that this hormone controls how we respond to sugar in our brains.

FDF state that only a certain type of person will fall into this category of morbidly obese , the people who avoid signs or support groups and need to blame an addiction.
Though with chemical based food and drink such McDonald and coca cola spending a high revenue on advertisements using NLP in advertising at Olympic and national sports events, this additional variable needs to be addressed.

Although there is soaring rise in type 2 diabetes FDF reject food addiction claiming that highly palatable foods will not lower the amount of sugar content in its foods, and this claim has been supported by a government advisory committee.
How Can Sugar content effect my metabolic disorder?

A person with a metabolic disorder will store weight in key areas of the body. Once the body learns to accumulate energy as adipose tissue (fat tissue), it is very difficult to stop this mechanism and return the body to its original state. In other words, the patient starts suffering from a chronic condition. This is like having a chronic condition such as hypertension, diabetes or a thyroid problem.
Why do I gain weight?

People with the metabolic disorder that this treatment addresses, gain weight because the hypothalamus (a gland in the brain) wrongly believes that the person is under threat, and therefore lays fat down in a protected form as a survival mechanism.

This fat can only be then accessed when the person is either starving or pregnant, to feed the baby, and until the gland is corrected it will not be possible to lose this abnormal fat despite all normal dieting and exercise regimes.

The protocol that we use addresses both the releasing of the abnormal weight, and the re setting of the hypothalamus and therefore correcting the problem so that in the future any weight that has been gained can be easily removed in the normal way.

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