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Spread the word 12-18th of May

Your networks are a powerful tool to raise awareness of mental
health and wellbeing. During the week we will be posting stories and
information on our Facebook and Twitter. Please add and follow us,
share our messages and engage in the discussion. Copy and paste the
following as an update:

Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 will take place from 12-18 May. This year's theme is Anxiety.

The success of Mental Health Awareness Week is largely down to the generous support we receive from organisations and individuals throughout the UK who get involved by publicising the week, organising activities and events, and hopefully having some fun as well.

Download a Mental Health Awareness Week supporter kit to help you get the most out of the week.
The kit includes:

  • information about anxiety
  • ways to get involved
  • advice on how to raise awareness
  • tips on helping those in your community

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