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Back pain and weight gain

Back pain can obviously increase with excess weight, and this can be from reaction to pain medication, a stress to the body effecting metabolic functioning or overeating high fat carbohydrates and starches.

How can I reduce our weight and manage pain better?

Paracetamol is effective in treating most cases of back pain. Some people find non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, Though after resent research an increase of turmeric to your diet can behave the same as ibuprofen and does not put any strain on the renal system.
For the sensation of pain there are many types of avenues Acupuncture , EFT and Hypnosis for pain management.

Osteopathy for support through weight loss

Osteopathy is a treatment that can support a client through weight loss, with many people find the reduction in weight in the midriff can put pressure on muscles in the back. An osteopath will perform a spinal analysis and from this administer adjustments to different parts of the spine easing and allowing normal range of movement in the back.
After this treatment sports massage and core work is needed to strengthen the stomach and back muscles to reinforce all the work that has been performed.

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