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Travel and Sleep remedies

Herbal Valerian Tincture

  • Valerian Tincture; 50ml £6.75 -Valerian tincture is a traditional sleep remedy helping the mind and body to relax, allowing natural sleep to be enjoyed. Used extensively during first and second world war to promote sleep after the effects of shell shock, this attests to its powerful ability to relax
  • Valerian, Passionflower and Jamaican dogwood combo. 100ml £9.75-This combination taken at bedtime helps promote sleep, particularly if it is disturbed by aches and pains.
  • Lavender and hop bags, £4.50 each Put under the pillow to promote deep restful sleep all night.
  • Ginseng and Gotu Kola combo. 100ml £9.75-A stimulating herbal combination that will push the biological clock into line with the chronological clock
  • Rosemary essential oil 10ml £4.50-A few drops inhaled regularly will help the body clock adjust. Its portability makes this a really useful tool in the travellers pocket and can be used regularly


  • Jet Lag Combo 8g Pillules £6.75-This combination of homeopathic remedies is a proven must for travellers. Completely safe and the subject of a double blind scientific trial and a survey of 228 New Zealand flight attendents found 87% had said it was effective in combating tiredness.
  • Coffea 8g Pillules £6.75-Homeopathic pillules that you take at bedtime and if you wake in the night, to calm an active mind, allowing you to return to sleep.
  • Olive Flower essence 10ml £5.25-This very gentle remedy can help with tiredness and exhaustion, is safe and can be used all day by adding 10 drops to a small bottle of water sipped regularly.

Delivery: Europe £3.50 to £7.85. Middle East, Asia, Africa and America £4.50 to £9.90

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