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Antibiotic resistant bacteria increase, Dr's warned on prescribing Antibiotics

American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) have issued new guidelines enforcing Dr's to be cautious when prescribing antibiotics to patients, intern strengthening the fact that antibiotics resistant bacteria's are becoming harder to treat. It has been recorded that over 70 %of children with ear infections naturally overcome them within 2-3 days and 80% in about a week.

Except in cases involving extreme symptoms, most children with ear infections simply need to get more rest, drink lots of water, and eat nutrient-dense foods that will help their immune system.

Colonic hydrotherapy Acidophiles & Herbal tonics

Colon hydrotherapy can be beneficial to those suffering from IBS, flatulence, bloating, digestive problems and constipation. There are many other conditions where this procedure can give support mainly attributed to its cleansing ability.
The procedure involves using warm filtered water being introduced into the colon. This gently flushes out toxins from patients colon. Accumulated matter can then be released by gentle abdominal massage.

The Colonic Hydrotherapy allows the bowel to hydrate, cleanse, detoxify, and promote bowel tone by stretching the colon. Giving yourself an internal cleanse assists and strengthens the patients immune system. It also enables the patient to feel refreshed invigorated and clear headed.

Acidophiles is good bacteria which should be taken after a colonic hydrotherapy session ( to rebalance gut flora) or a period of time after taking antibiotics orally. This will help keep the eco system within a patients gut balanced so they are not open to any more stomach/bowel complaints.

Herbal tonics ( such as echinacea) will stimulate white blood cell production and can help fight reinfection to illness after a stint of antibiotics. You may ask why this is after taking something that eliminates bacteria?, but antibiotics kill everything in the body white blood cells, good bacteria & bad bacteria. After a spell of taking antibiotics many patients who do not follow this advice normally fall under infection from viruses and colds due to their low immunity.

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