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Grief and anxiety are emotions not mental illness

The forthcoming edition of an American psychiatric manual will increase the number of people in the general population diagnosed with a mental illness - but what they need is help and understanding, not labels and medication. Many people experience a profound and long-lasting grieving process following the death of a loved one. Many soldiers returning from conflict suffer from trauma. Many of us are shy and anxious in social situations or unmotivated and pessimistic if we're unemployed or dislike our jobs

By Peter Kinderman
Professor of Clinical Psychology

Other non medicated types of support for people with mental health issues

Counselling and Psychotherapy are strong forms of treatment for a range of emotions including anxiety. Though counselling such as integrative counselling deals with the clients problems here and now finding the clarity and understanding of the emotions and actions of the client. Though Psychotherapy is the reasoning behind the client what makes that person react in that way & how the client perceives him or herself in their actions and emotions.

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