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Mental Illness Affects Job Prospects More Than Physical Disability

Once again stigma that is associated with mental illness has been highlighted in an Australian study. This study was started by WISE a non profitable organisation who's researchers explained that one in every five Australian adults have been affected with some sort of mental illness during the last 12 months. WISE also stated that "Ignorance" was the reason for workers not being re-employed who have lost their previous job due to sickness absence/job strain brought on by mental fatigue/illness.

Complementary medicine can be far more effective then main stream medicine for stress related illness

Homeopathy & EFT are great therapies to relieve anxiety and to prepare the mind to find an answer to the solution without using prescription drugs or falling into addictive or substance misuse. Mainstream medicine is also ignorant to these life changing therapies which do not lead to substance abuse, though they are being used in some hospitals for pain management.

sourced from medical news

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