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Not got the appetite for Modern day weight loss?

There are many different methods of weight loss, with diet and exercise always outlined as the very best way of reducing fat and increase tone and fitness. Though what would you say if you ate nothing, exercised frequently and still held fat in stubborn areas.

This behaviour in the body is unusual and effects a number of people, making there lives a struggle in the quest to achieve optimum weight.

This metabolic syndrome normally effects women post child birth, making the hyper thalamus react and allowing the body to store fat on areas of the body like stomach hips and thighs, though within BSC slimming clinic we have have found athletes boxers & dancers being held back by this metabolic disorder.

With the introduction of our new website as highlighted in Woman magazine & the Sunday Times Style magazine we had a very large influx of clients.
During our busiest ever six months, our clients response to this programme has been consistent with the original research, that the protocol is based on. That’s an average 15lb weight loss in the 4 weeks with an inch loss in the main areas of concern.

Our records are confirming all the time that there is a section of the population who struggle to lose weight by any normal method and have to either take extreme measures, or lose control of their body size. The realisation that there is a third way, the BSC protocol, has been both a revelation and life changing to many clients. This, coupled with the support to not only lose the weight and treat the underlying condition, but also to develop a healthy, “normal” diet without the fear of the weight returning is what the BSC programme is designed to achieve.

With summer on its way, people tend to become more conscious about their physical image, but there is still time to make a profound change to body shape.

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