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Diabetes and weight gain

One of the greatest factors affecting the onset of type 2 diabetes is a body mass index over 25. Type 2 diabetes, sometimes referred to as late onset diabetes, is the bodies inability to produce enough insulin to lower blood sugars or the inability to use the insulin effectively (insulin resistance). It has been found in women (American Journal of Epidemiology Jan 1990) that a weight gain of 20 to 35 kg (3 to 5.5 stone) after the age of 18 increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 11 times and a gain above that the relative risk was 17 times.

Health issues associated with weight gain

So other health issues aside this weight gain can have enormous impact on a persons future health. There are many factors in why people gain weight and hundreds of diets out there, but a consultation with a health professional such as a nutritionist can discover what is best for you , without getting caught up in time-wasting fads and headlines.

Weight issues in combination with other factors can be a ticking health time-bomb, and this is really the case that the prevention can be so much easier than the cure.

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