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Painkillers costing the NHS million of pounds a year

Figures show that some doctors spent thousands of pounds prescribing over-the-counter painkillers and flu medication like Anadin and Lemsip. On average, health trusts in England spent £8.80 per head of population on analgesics. But in some northern towns and cities the figure was as high as £15, while in parts of the south it was as low as £3.26 per head.

Drug firms set the price NHS picks up the bill? but who's wrong?

NHS operates within ethical guidelines, though i believe it's wrong to seek guidance/ advice  from a organisation that is selling you a product, be it anything its bad business  "never ask a hair dresser if you need a hair cut".  Through the previous governments 12 years run on NHS reform, hospitals have been measured on patients : waiting times,  treatment & overall service & each hospital throughout the UK has been evaluated on these merits. Though it seems from numerous reports the biggest drain on the health service is the price of the drugs.

"Hypothetically speaking" If you are running a business and a supplier overcharges on every product by the sum of 150% extra, then its time to look for a new supllier or another option?

Other Options, instead for pain relief instead of addictive prescription pills.

Pain is like a barometer so why are we numbing this feeling with drugs that are hard on our liver and kidneys.

Other treatments that are not drug dependant or way heavy on internal organs are:

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