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Gastric Band treatment could of been avoided

As the world markets change countries that once struggled with famine have turned to the common western epidemic, Obesity! Cabernet minister “Nitin Raut” has dealt with this problem with the western approach, which is Surgical intervention or ”gastric Banding”. Though a country with one of the largest populations and an increase in type 2 diabetes and other weight associated diseases, this drastic surgical approach can not reach every one, just the privileged

India is one of the leading countries for Homeopathy, why take the surgical root?

India is one of the leading countries within homeopathy and MD’s (medical doctors) train 5 years within mainstream medicine then specialize within homeopathy, helping their understanding of disease which has a emotional foundation. For example stress can impact heavily on the hypothalamus (gland in the brain) this makes it behave in a certain way allowing to store adipose tissue in different places in the body, though we have found that this problem can be reverted by introducing human grenada trophin a polypeptide that is the answer to a large majority of the developed worlds health problems.
Unfortunately the MHRA within this country do not want the use of this used in anything apart form fertility treatment? their reasons for this is unclear. Fortunately mainstream medicine does not control homeopathic medicine because they say there is not enough eveidence to prove it works and that homeopathy is nothing than a placebo ( all though it works on animals for many different aiilments).

The BSC slimming clinic has been operating for a while now and we are the only clinic in the UK offering this service. Though I’m surprised that an Indian cabinet minister has moved away from an enlightened health care system of his nation to publicly market the use of surgical weightloss treatment that has a above average success rate.

How has a population increased in size and weight in such a small time frame?

I believe that a large majority of people suffering from obesity within India are suffering from Metabolic Disorder problem.

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