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Take a drug to mask your feelings? or deal with them through supportive treatments

Responsibility this word echo's from different aspects of society from what we teach are children to how we percieve ourselves. Though in this fast paced lifstyle there is little time to view are own outlook and to see if our opinion or veiw's are hindered by our own emotional bagage.

Responsibility for your own wellbeing

Through main stream medicine you can numb those feelings through a variety addictive prescription pills and feel nothing. This Ostridge approach to healing may be good within a short term period though a persons emotion is a persons soul! and this lack are regard to balancing emotional disturbance's can surface as bigger problem. Many Clients we see have been using prescription drugs for a number of years and complain that they regularly suffer from panic attacks, some call this a side effect to the drugs though we see it as the emotional force (vital force) trying to break through.

Emotions manifesting on a physical plain

This can be interpreted as anything from IBS, night terrors and even cardiac problems, everything can be brought back to the main source of the problem which will have an emotional core. If mainstream treatment will only fix one broken part of the machine/ body and not look at the human body as a whole (emotion & physical) progression in dealing with conditions such as fibromyalga and ME will never happen.

Written and sourced by Lewis Blackwell

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