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A large proportion of men in later life will have an enlarged prostate and may also be diagnosed with prostate cancer. In 2008, there were 37,051 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in the UK, that is around 101 men every day or one man every 15 minutes. It has been estimated that the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008 is 1 in 9 for men in the UK (cancer research uk), but when there is a psa level <20 and only a stage 2 cancer then the advise is usually no treatment other than regular checks. Many men take this as the opportunity to sit back and accept this "wait and see" approach.

However, there is no reason to take this attitude as this is the ideal time and opportunity to take matters in hand and take steps to eradicate the problem. a combination of simple dietary changes and the introduction of individually prescribed herbal combinations can lead to a reduction in the prostate itself and lower activity that is stimulating the changes leading to cancerous cells.

The research that was carried out by Doctor Gordon Saxe at the Moores Cancer Centre in the University of California looked at the varying levels of prostate specific antigen or PSA when different plant based diets and stress reduction techniques were used. The participants in the program were asked to increase their intake of plant based foodstuffs like whole grains, leafy green vegetables, legumes, beans and fruit as well as to lower the consumption of meats, dairy products and refined carbs, and they were found to slow and stop the spread of the cancer.

Overall its about proportion with the introduction of prostate specific cancer busting neutriceuticals, and reducing the more cancer stimulating foods, with a general natural boost to the bodies own immunity managing systems that start to weaken with age.

Dont sit and wait for things to get bad enough for the NHS to take action take action now with advice and support from a qualified practitioner.

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