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Its a natural way of supporting your body to better maintain ba balance and enable you to function at your optimum capability. By using remedies made from natural sources it strengthens your immune system to help you make a quick recovery. It ensures you maintain good levels of health and vitality. Its principal is the connection between physical and emotional balance. Homeopathy focuses on you as a whole and provides an experience for you to explore, identify and address all issues which may be affecting you as a whole.

The basic premise of homeopathy is that the symptom, unless the result of an accident/ intervention, is a representation of the disease and not the disease itself. Homeopathy does not treat diseases. Symptoms are manifested by the whole body. If the body is playing symptoms of disease or illness, it is the body as a whole that is not well. These symptoms are there to help the homeopath formulate a map of the disease state.

The homeopath will systemically note all the symptoms expressed by the body as a whole, physical and emotional. They will also require your family history of disease, vaccination history, your personality traits and character, your preferred diets, diet, dreams, fears phobias. This is an important part of understanding the fuller picture of your health and well being and is required to asses your case correctly.
They will consider this information fully before prescribing. They will discuss your treatment plan and how you can best work together.

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