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Homeopathy is a safe natural way of treating your baby or young child, using diluted natural extracts, usually of plant, or mineral origin. These provide a safe gentle stimulus to health.
Homopathy deals with the whole person, but what is most important, it deals with the psychological needs of the individual child. Its guiding principle is treating "like with like"; or choosing a remedy which in its original form was capable of causing symptoms similar to those the child may be experiencing in the present illness.

Homeopathy supports the younger mother who wants more initiative and more involvement in the treatment of the family. It provides an independent approach to the health problems of her child providing a safe method which supports the subtle energies responsible for the resistance and health of the child.

Once homeopathic approach has been understood the mother can approach has been understood the mother can approach the problems of the individual child with more confidence, which reassures the child. Although most mothers have heard about homeopathy they are not usually well- informed by the health visitor or midwife
about its value. It is understandable that the mother tends to be sceptical and cautious.

Being a mother can be worrying and may feel in a dilemma, trapped by wishing to treat their child with a natural method, but fearing their doctor will disapprove. Many mothers are concerned about long- term effects of repeated prescriptions upon the health of the child. Homeopathy offers a safe alternative without causing side effects. When conventional drug is essential, it supports the reaction reducing its activity.

Any young mother can get into a panic when angry, screaming baby has wind or colic and demands instant relief from the discomfort. But she should try to keep a sense of humour and balance with her child all the time; enjoy playing, talking and holding them. If the child is difficult, remember that there are no difficult children - only different children.

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