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Many fears, phobias, beliefs and values develop before the age of seven. This is the period when the unconscious mind is learning as much as it can. Unfortunately many of the things that parents, teacher, friends etc say to young  children are based on their own beliefs values and experiences. This can also apply to negative experience in the early years.

However as the child grows into teenage years it begins to form its own beliefs and values which sometimes conflicts with what the child was told when it was younger. This then causes confusion and frustration and as a result the teenager may then become rebellious.

Then,as a child grows who as a adult he or she is allowed to have their own opinions, beliefs and values, although others may disagree, it is not challenged as much.

This is why problems experienced as an adult can often be traced back to having their roots before the age of seven. The use of NLP, EFT and Time Line Therapy can help to unlock these past negative experiences and help the individual more forward in a more positive way.

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