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Tuina is the practice of massage techniques which make up the practical strand of traditional Chinese medicine. Massage techniques stimulate acupuncture points in different parts of the body, which help correct imbalances of the yin and yang energies in the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine  looks at the patient as a whole person and treats the cause of the illness or condition, not just the symptoms. It believes that it is not possible to separate the physical and a pathological condition. Chinese medicine aims to understand what is causing or creating an obstacle in the flow if energy in the body, and Tuina Chinese massage works on re-establishing the balance and harmony of those energies thus returning the patient to a state of wellbeing.

In practice, Tuina uses massage techniques on muscles, with the aim of resolving pain by assisting the circulation of blood and energy and by boosting the body's natural immune system and pain defence. Massage techniques on joints and vertebraes work on mobility and anti-inflammation. Tuina techniques are excellent in treating symptoms already present, as wel as prevention and maintaining wellbeing.

Tuina was first used as far back as 206BC and is still widely used today in chinese hospitals. It excels in pain relief, sprains and pulled muscles, physical and mental stress.

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