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During my supervised clinical practice I waas presented with the case of a 13year old boy who had a shoulder injury. His mother made the appointment after trying conventional medicine and "was not happy filling him with paracetamol, ibuprofen etc daily". She said he was getting more and more fed up with the pain and lack of progress.

I wondered how I would deal with this case as it was my first experience of a teenage patient. I had a good amount of information to hand as Sailsbury College teach extensively about the different stages of life and the issues faced at timesof transition so we began our homeopathic journey together by exploring his life story.  I made him fully aware that hoeopathic treatment is a process that we enter and that it works on many levels. He was a willing and open young man with a fantastic imagination and he quickly understoo how we could work together, how to take the medicine and how to bring me the great dreams he had. The best way to illustrate he and his mother felt about the process is to quote from the letter she sent me, so these are her words...

"J was ok about trying homeopathy but was initially looking for a quick fix for him. At first he was concerned that talking about problems was unrelated to his pain. He was quikly reassured by you and after the first session understood that the shoulder pain was just a part of it and his whole system needed supporting, including sharing things with you."

J was les apprehensive by the 2nd session " I trust Lizzie, I can tell her anything, she's realy cool." His words speak for themselves. He had an MRI scan in December where we were told to expect a bone growth/spur or a bursar fluid build up, both of which need surgery and complex surgery at that.

Prior to the scan he took a remedy. He chose to take it of own accord, while relaxed in the evening, to: make it work better" and then he slept deeply afterwards. He seemed more relaxed and talkative after the remedy. When we got the scan results, we couldn't believe it nothing!no growth, lump, spur, nothing! Gone!

His reaction was a calm "Lizzie's melted it wicked". He is still keen to continue with the whole treatment and knows there is ore healing to come. "You listened without patronising, you explained without lecturing and you gained the trust of a weary teenager."

Sourced and written by Lizzie Daisley-Smith

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