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Self Harming, Homeopathy, EFT & Hypnosis can help

The increase on the number of self harming admissions has risen over the pass ten years with patients  aged between 16- 24. The stigma attached to mental health issues is very prevalent in today's society, and more so in Schools, University & in the workplace, employees and students feel comfortable with illness if its the flu or vomiting, or migraine, but when it comes to mental health issues, people are more inclined to keep quite about it. By not talking to a practitioner about these mental health issues, this can lead to a negative thought patterns controlling your mind state, which will lead to self harm or substance misuse.

Looking at the reasons why our youth have a negative outlook on life is mainly down to how others perceive them. This is re-enforced by celebrities in the media, the portrayal of size zero models or  the use of airbrushing and photo shop in photos published in Celebrity magazine's. Obviously everyone is different and this is not the only reason why self harming is prevalent in societies youth, though its a catalyst.

Depression is a key foundation to self harming, the mentality of people who get so focussed on negative emotion that they want to produce physical pain to match their emotional state. Public perception feel that self harmer's are only crying out for help, though this not entirely true. They seem so trapped in their emotional state that they are simply treading water trying not to go under.

Homeopathy, EFT and Hypnosis can tackle these problems immediately, giving the self harmer a way out of this emotional maze.

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