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The Colonic Suite at The Cenacle Treatment Centre is the only establishment in the Stockport area that exclusively does OPEN colonics.
We are also the only centre in the UK that has a machine especially designed for this procedure.
Did you realise that there are two main systems of colonic hydrotherapy and that the difference does make all the difference to your comfort and outcome?
In a closed colonic, the client is asked to undress from the waist down, lie on their side a couch and the therapist inserts a gloved finger into the rectum to assess the trajectory of the sphincter (incidentally everyone’s is different!) The therapist then introduces a speculum attached to a tube,the speculum is removed and the tube is attached to the water supply. 
The client is requested to hold onto the water entering the bowel for as long as possible and the therapist then releases the pressure on the tube and waste matter is expelled. This process is repeated a number of times. The client is then directed to a toilet to evacuate the remaining waste matter.
In an open colonic, the client remains fully clothed as the therapist shows the client how to insert a rectal tube (no bigger in diameter than a pencil) that is already attached to a fully automated machine. The therapist then leaves the room, the client removes clothes from the waist down and gets on the couch. They then insert the tube by themselves (a surprisingly easy procedure) covers themselves with a large towel and calls the therapist in the adjacent room. 
The therapist ensures the client is relaxed, adjusting the pillows and couch if needed and then turns on the water and the timer, set for 30 minutes. The client feels the warm water enter the rectum and is told to ‘let go’ whenever they feel like it. Once the water is heard and felt by the client the first time, the therapist leaves the room and waits in the adjacent room, allowing the client to evacuate in peace.
 Periodically the therapist will ask on the patients welfare and is always only moments away. When the 30 minutes is up, the therapist enters the room and turns off the machine, allowing the client to go to the toilet at their own pace and time.
In a closed colonic, the faecal matter passes down the tube.
In an open colonic, it goes straight into the plumbing system.
In a closed colonic, the client lies sideways and the tube manipulated to expel the matter.
In an open, the client lies on their back and the waste goes into a specially designed receptacle, attached to the plumbing system, described by clients as ‘like being on a toilet,but lying down and really pleasant’.
In a closed, the therapist is in the room at all times and controls the colonic procedure.
In an open, the therapist prides themselves on discretion and privacy, only in the room when needed and allowing the client to dictate their own experience.

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