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BackPain can be a terrible problem to deal with and patients that have the worst type of backpain are always in pain just to different degrees of pain from debilitating back pain to just about coping with shooting pains down their legs and spine. 
Fortunately pain management can help in these areas and these three therapies can help back pain sufferers.  


If you were to spend a moment thinking about a time when you were unfortunate to have an accident i.e. a trip or fall, cut yourself while chopping vegetables, sprain a muscle, etc. what happens? You would probably feel an immediate pain which would then be followed by the longer lasting dull ache until it goes away.

Our perception of pain can sometimes be affected by what we are doing at the time. For instance, a footballer who is so engrossed in his game may take many blows to his body but because his heightened state, any painful signals which would normally be sent to the brain are temporarily canceled out until the game has finished and he starts to calm down then suddenly the pain signals start their journey. For more about the process of how pain works look at Gate Control Theory by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall. more form Hypnotherapystockport
Osteopathy in Stockport#

I have been inundated with work thorough out 2017, hopefully 2018 will be as fruitful. Unfortunately I have not been paying much focus to my blog but I will be putting up the occasional port here and there, thank you for reading.
If you are thinking of seeing me for Osteopathic treatment then I am still based at the Cenacle Treatment Centre and available for bookings...

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