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Mind Detox 
We are all aware of the need to detoxify the body especially after Christmas or periods of over indulgence. And the practice of detoxing the body through various ways such as fasting, yoga, massage or even colonic irrigation has become quite widespread over recent years.
What about the need to detoxify the mind?
Hippocrates the Greek physician born in 460 BC knew about the connection between the mind and disease:-
"All feelings and emotions start in the brain, and these feelings and emotions are the source of any disease in the body"
Even the ancient Egyptians knew that "Mind and body in unison can heal itself"
You see your mind and body are connected look at the statement "Cogito,ergo sum" by the famous French philosopher Descartes which means "I think, therefore I am". Which simply means you are what you think 
Our minds are full of mental toxins which take the form of  selflimiting beliefs, self damaging patterns of  behaviour, habits which we have had for a long time which we know we do not really want as they are not a true reflection of who we are.
There may be unresolved tensions which manifests itself as bodily pains or allergic reactions. Even serious illness in the organs of the body can be linked to unreleased emotions, tension and stress.
All these negative thoughts contaminating the mind just like toxic waste being poured into the ocean.
In her book The Power is Within You. Louise Hay writes:-
Imagine that your thoughts are like drops of water. One thought or one drop of water does not mean very much. As you repeat thoughts over and over, you first notice a stain on the carpet, then there is a little puddle, then a pond, and as these thoughts continue, they can become a lake and finally an ocean. What kind of ocean are you creating? One that is polluted and toxic, and unfit to swim in, or one that is crystal clear and blue and invites you to enjoy it's refreshing waters?
Detoxing the mind is a way of removing the compulsive thoughts, fears, worries and hates from our minds and has deep and general benefits that underpin particular symptoms.
You can look at your mind as a storage system such as a hard drive on a computer or a filing cabinet storing all those outdated files, so following a mind detox programme you can clean out your inner storehouse of outdated memories and negative files. And as you start to clear them out you will find that your thoughts become more positive, clearer, more focused. You become more confident and an increased feeling of wellbeing takes over helping you to become the person you want to be.

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