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FODMAP's are short for Fermentable Oligosaccharides Disaccarides, Monosaccarides and Polyols.

They are a class of carbohydrates found in a variety of foods. Pulling water into the small intestine, they can make you feel as if you have a beach ball attached to your midsection.
Once these Fodmap's reach the large intestine, they get broken down by bacteria and begin to ferment filling the belly with extra gas.
Your bloatedness depends on your intolerance level: Some people's digestive system can handle these carbohydrates better than others. One way to find out if Fodmap's could be causing your tummy troubles is to limit them for a period of time.
The FODMAP foods you should take a break from include fructose (in some fruits, honey & high-fructose corn syrup) frutans (in wheat, onions and garlic); polyols (in sweeteners & some fruits); lactose (in milk and soft cheeses); and galactans (in beans & legumes).
Re-introducing them slowly and you may be able to identify what is making it hard for you to button up your jeans

The Fodmap diet was first developed by scientists at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and eliminates the foods below, which are high in a class of carbohydrates that lead to tummy troubles in some people. For a full list go to monash,edu

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