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Slimming for health reasons

Patients who have been through a spell of poor cardiac health due to weight management problems have found this treatment a safe way of loosing weight without having to place any strain on a patients heart through exercise. This type of weight management treatment is beneficial for someone who is obese and finds it hard to exercise due to their range of movement being impeded by excess weight.

Treatment for patients with poor metabolic functioning can be helped with this weight loss treatment which involves losing weight through a controlled eating regime involving a prescribed homeopathic preparation that works the same as HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin).

Going through the BSC Slimming Clinic process will:

  • Quickly reduce difficult body fat areas around the stomach and hips.
  • Re-sculpts the body loosing inches as well as reducing weight.
  • Resets the body to a normal metabolic functioning.
  • No unsightly loose skin left in areas where reduction has taken place.
  • A feeling of well being during the treatment with no hunger.
  • A real life changing experience.

If you still have any questions why not visit our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section or for further information on how you can achieve safe easy weight loss give the BSC Slimming Clinic a call now on 0161 483 9005 and book your FREE no obligation consultation and start making those positive changes now.

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