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Colonic irrigation

Changing your diet after receiving colonic hydrotherapy

Many patients who receive colonic hydrotherapy feel that their reasons for this was to clean an there colon of any un-digested meat and dry facile matter.
Once receiving a colonic hydrotherapy patients feel invigorated since this is the second  fastest way to be rehydrated is through the rectum the first is intravenous.

Some patients who have never received colonic hydrotherapy before and do not regularly go to the toilet every day to excrete, may find the experience a little uncomfortable since the hairs in the  large intestine may be caked in facile matter causing trapped wind feeling in the gut. This can be helped with homeopathic relaxation and herbal stool softener support.

To Book colonic Hydrotherapy calll 0161 483 9005
Price of treatment is £65

To receive more information about nutrition and eating the right foods at the right times ask Richard the herbalist

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