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Increasing water consumption

Many patients that are staring a health regime and need to introduce more water in their diet but find it hard consuming that many litres a day colonic hydrotherapy is a logical choice. Increasing water consumption through colonic hydrotherapy is the quickest way of rehydrating a patient and will aid in tackling constipation.
Hairs inside a humans large intestine move waste out of the body to the bowl, though the body needs to be rehydrated to do this. If the a patients has a low water intake it will allow the hairs in the gut to become caked in faecal matter slowing the hairs that shift the excrement out of the patients bowel.

Increase water consumption with Colonic

Increasing water intake with colonic hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to become instantly hydrated since the bowel absorbs water faster than drinking it. Extremely constipated Patients may feel a little discomfort especially if they have not passed a stool for a number of weeks and have a diet of mainly processed foods.
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