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Nutrition in stockport with Richard The Herbalist

“We are what we eat” has been quoted many times but never the less still holds true. The body requires not just fuel but all the building blocks for the subtle pathways of the endocrine, immune and nervous system. A lot is made of what we eat too much of, but I have found very often it is what we are missing that leads to the imbalances in the body that are the route to ill-health.

Every week there are reports on food that is good or bad for you, and often the same food! My aim with a client is to produce a sensible eating plan that addresses there nutritional requirements and balance in the body without following fads or being so restrictive it is unachievable.
Very often I will ask the client to produce a food diary over a few days that I can then have analysed in order to see what there is too much of or too little.
I am a huge advocate of real food. That is unprocessed, natural foods, sourced as close to home as possible. I don’t believe in a lot of supplements, only as a short term fix to an acute problem. Anyone should be able to achieve all there requirements long term through the use of food.
Probiotics is another important area that I have researched a great deal and it is becoming more apparent that they are not only vital to proper digestion but the immune system as well, and an unhealthy gut flora allows much ill-health to manifest itself

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