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Weight loss changed my life

Coming to the Blackwell Slimming Clinic and following the HCG plan has been, literally, life changing for me. I have had 3 babies in 4.5 years and the 4 stone weight gain with each pregnancy had really taken it’s toll on my body. I have always struggled to lose weight and maintain a stable weight throughout my adolescence and adult life but the pregnancies had left my metabolism & body in a state I no longer recognised and after the birth of my third son I was 3 stone overweight.

I was so unhappy with my body and felt lethargic and low. No matter what I did, including following restrictive diet plans and exercising,I couldn’t seem to lose the excess weight and was at my wits end. When I came across the HCG plan and met with the team I felt understood and heard. For the first time in my life I felt somebody could explain why I couldn’t lose weight and that it wasn’t because I was “greedy” or “out of control”.

Throughout all of the stages of the plan I felt supported. Weight loss was very effective and reduced fat in places exercise and other diets could not. Unlike other diets, not at any point did I feel hungry but not only that, I had a sense of well being and felt very well.

I had a goal size in mind I wanted to reach which I had always viewed as my “optimum size”; I surpassed this and dropped another dress size lower than my goal. My shape has changed and my weight is stable. Unlike other diets I have not put the weight back on.

I found after losing 3 stone in weight I began losing inches off my waist and I have never looked in such good shape or felt so healthy. I feel content & energised and have a confidence in myself I never had even when I was younger.

I recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered with a metabolic disorder”

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