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Inflamed Achilles tendons.

Carolyn Dent, Dance Teacher, New Mills

“I have attended ‘In Peak Health’ for about two years for treatment on my inflamed Achilles tendons.

The treatment took the form of physiotherapy and acupuncture. More importantly for me as a dance teacher, Allison has helped me to manage my own injury. She explained clearly to me why my tendons were becoming inflamed. After check the way I walk, she suggested that I may need to wear innersoles in my shoes.

Allison explained how strong core muscles would help me with my posture. She also gave me suitable strengthening and flexibility exercises.

I now feel confident that I can manage what is happening. I feel sure that if I need help, I can ring for an appointment at any time before things become too severe.

I would like to thank Allison for all her help and support; I no longer need to worry that this will affect my job.”

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