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CMS Medical Services and Expertise

Providing the vital interface between legal ,medical professionals and agencies to achieve a successful outcome for individuals involved in the accident and injury claims process

Deploying the online medico-legal services available through CMS is simplicity itself. We act as the interface between Agencies, legal and medical professionals, providing an integrated online solution to speed up the accident and injury claims process.

To achieve this, we enable professional instructors acting on behalf of individuals pursuing a legal claim to have immediate and ongoing online access to medical experts and clinical specialists.

Our medico-legal agency expertise means we can facilitate all the medical and administrative processes involved in producing a legally-recognised report to support a claim. These are outlined below.
Arranging Medical Examinations Online

This critical part of the claims process rests on providing solicitors, insurers or agents with access to the medical experts whose skills and availability will provide the most effective solution for the claimant.

Our specialist medico-legal agency experience enables us to book appointments for medical examinations with the company’s large panel of medical experts at clinics across the country.

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