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New years resolutions causing muscle pain

Have you set yourself a work out regime and now feeling the after effects of this healthy way of life. Don't be disheartened with regular sports massage, Osteopathy and physiotherapy our injury specialists will keep you injury free.

Sports Treatment for muscle pain

Massage is an essential part of any sports treatment regime. It stimulates the circulation, releases toxins and helps to keep the muscles lengthened. It can be tailored to suit your needs, whether that’s a pre-event warm-up or a thoroughly relaxing post-session treatment aligning muscle fibres and removing lactic acid.

For recovery from injury a more specific programme is needed. Gentle massage can still be useful to maintain circulation and muscle tone, especially if you have to break your training while you recover.

Particularly useful for:

Runners’ calves and hamstrings
ITB problems
Ankles and knees that feel restricted even after recovery from injury
Footballers’ groin strains
Cricketing shoulders, esp bowlers
Tennis players’ elbows and wrists

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