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Weight Loss treatment Reducing Alzheimers

Weight loss surgery could reduce the risk of Alzheimers’ disease, a new study suggests.

Previous research has found that obesity increases the risks of the condition by 35 per cent. The new study found that when obese women underwent bariatric surgery changes in their brain which are linked to Alzheimer’s disease were reversed. Brain scans found that before the operations, the obese women had increased activity in a part of the brain – the posterior cingulate gyrus – which is connected to the development of dementia.

Six months after surgery, the activity levels in the same part of the brain were similar to those of lean women.
L Donnelly,  Editor

Non Surgical weight loss treatments

There are other treatments that can be used instead of bariatric weightloss surgery which should always be looked at before putting an an obese patient under anaesthetic. When looking at results then if the patient doesn't have a metabolic disorder .

Safe Weight loss through Hypnotherapy

Hypno-banding & Safe Weight Loss

Over the years there have been many fad diets, each one claiming to be better than the last. One of the most famous was the Atkins diet which advocated piles of fatty food and a ban on carbohydrates. This was followed by millions even though Doctors branded it one of the most dangerous ever, stating that the high fat diet would lead to heart disease. In 2004 Dr Atkins reportedly died from obesity-related medical complaints.

One of the most recent diet crazes is the Glycemic Index (GI) diet, this recommends that people eat more foods with low GI ratings, such as oats, which release their energy over a long period. Doctors are more welcoming of this approach, as it is not inherently restrictive, but they warn followers to follow a balanced diet.

Eat Healthy. Diets promoting a very low calorie system, approximately 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day and without any exercise program cause the body to become less efficient at burning fat, which makes it easier for the body to store fat and regain weight each time the diet is stopped. So in the long run these fad diets can make the person fatter instead of leaner.

Weight Loss Exercise1

Regular Exercise. Only your weight and exercise level determines the number of calories that is right for your diet program and only a healthy lifestyle will maintain long term weight control. Healthy lifestyle habits include such things as, regular exercise, Behaviour modifications and a healthy, nutritious diet with a wide variety of foods. You see inactivity is the fat maker extraordinaire. We were not designed in the evolutionary process to sit around for long periods of time and vegetate, in fact sitting around for more than 30 minutes is a sure way to fuel weight gain and fatigue due to the fact that it signals the brain to conserve energy, and therefore fat, rather than burning it.

Shake Hands with your Subconscious.

The reasons why you overeat may not be clear to you, even if it was to walk right up and sit down at the side of you at the dinner table with you. Any motive that is capable of making you operate in a way which causes you long term physical, emotional, social or mental discomfort is a motive which has, most likely been well buried in order to avoid recognition.

The following are some of the most common reasons why someone may overeat:-
Safe and Easy Weight Loss 1

You Eat to Reward or Entertain Yourself. Right from your early days you have been rewarded with food for your accomplishments. As a baby you may get a biscuit for picking up a toy, saying please or thank you, responding to potty training. As a child you get dessert for clearing your plate or eating all of your veg, and so on all the way through adult life.

Weight Loss 1You Eat to Lessen or Negate an Unpleasant Experience.

Once again this pattern is formed when we are very young. You are teething, feeling miserable so you get a nice tasty teething biscuit. You take a fall and graze your knee so the well meaning adult dries the tears and gives you a biscuit or sweets to take the pain away. As a teenager you don't get accepted on the course you applied for so you go out and binge with friends

Easy Weight Loss

You Eat When You Need Love. If you substitute the "I" for "You". The statement almost hurts. The more uncomfortable you feel thinking about this one, the more likely it is to be the cause of your overeating. Again go back to the very beginning. As a baby you cried, and you got a bottle. If you were very lucky you got held and a bottle all at the same time.

How Hypnosis Can Help You.

So how many times have you chosen one of those fad diets? You followed it rigiSafe Weight Lossdly until you lost that weight, your stomach growled and all you could think about was that you could have that four ounces of carrot juice but that piece of pie was a million miles away, but you accepted this agony as an inevitable part of the weight loss process. Finally you reached your goal, maybe lost an extra pound or two just to give yourself that bit of extra leeway. Then you thought that it was okay to stop your diet and eat normally only to find that within a few weeks the weight had gone back on.

ReprogrSuccessful Weight Lossamming for Results. The the use of hypnosis and other reprogramming techniques you will be able to achieve those results you want to achieve in a safe easy way. The process is simple and easy to follow which will enable you to reprogram your mind for success by building up your self esteem, your positive self image and your self confidence so that you are able to accept that slimmer you. It will incorporate into your life new patterns of behaviour in regard of how, when, where you eat and specific objectives necessary for you to achieve weight loss, maintain weight loss and incorporate those new habits to help you feel good about yourself and body. Some of those objectives included in the process will enable you to:- Increase the appeal of healthy foods. Making them more desirable and making fatty foods less desirable:- Give less importance to food as it relates to your feeling of well-being. Which will enable you to eat correct and reasonable amounts of food becoming satisfied:- Reflect on all the positive things in your life. Focusing on all the goals and successes you have already achieved.

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